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About Interior Boutiques

About Us

The Focus is to Showcase Antique and Mid-Century Furniture Design as well as Fine Art, Collectables, Objects, Sculpture and Design from around the world. The aim is to offer a distinctive hand-selected multi-vendor platform under one roof. Our selected and vetted suppliers will showcase their Latest Finds from around the world. Each vendor will have their own Interior Boutique Space to showcase their merchandise. With easy navigation, you will be able to search for unique furniture and homeware products at your fingertips. Whether it’s from an-off-the beaten track independent retailer or a secret trade warehouse deep in the French countryside, you will be able to discover a World of Design.

The team at Interior Boutiques seek to fulfil your design dreams by giving you a database of Antiques to Mid-Century Design and Art pieces from various dealers and designers. We hope you'll find our website exciting and inspirational. We are passionate about high quality, incredibly beautiful decorative pieces of furniture and, of course, by extension, decoration. We have pooled some of the greatest international designers and antique collectors to give you a collection of furniture for you to browse and find any item you have desired for your home, your business or your client.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Interior Boutiques?

How many boutique stores do you have online?
Answer - We have a growing community of vetted suppliers offering a large range of antiques, fine Art and mid-century design as well as art, sculpture, objects and collectables.

How often are Latest Finds updated?
Answer -  Latest finds are updated daily with furniture, fine art and collectables from our suppliers, offering a constant array of antiques, mid-century, art, objects, sculpture, collectables and design.

How do I search by size?
Answer -  click on Shop Now drop down located at the top of the home page and click Advance Search. The Advance Search page allows you to filter in many different ways allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for. Many interior decorators like to shop by size and find this a very useful tool. For instance, if you were looking for an antique mirror to go above the fireplace you would have an approximate size in mind. This filter therefore allows you to find it quickly and easily. Or maybe it’s a pair of antique bookcases. Basically, this filter allows you to shop by size on any furniture or homeware product.

How do I use your search function?
Answer -  You can search for any product using the Search Box. Alternatively, you can use the filters on the Advance Search page selecting as many or as little as you like. You can refine your search in various ways using these filters. Simply select a category and refine by Price, Size, Circa Date, Style, Material, Colour, Designer. Then press Submit. The requested products will then show on the page with a list of filters that you are currently using.

How do I purchase an item?
Answer - To purchase an item from a supplier, you can contact them direct using the Online Enquiry Form on the Product Page. All transactions are between the supplier and the customer.

How do I join as a supplier?
Answer - At the top of the Home Page, there is a drop down box called About Us. Click on Join as a Seller and simply fill in the online registration form. A member of the InteriorBoutiques team will then contact you.

How does it work?
Answer - Each supplier gets their own Boutique Space on the platform which they populate with stock. When items are listed, they will also show up on the Latest Finds page. Additionally, products randomly appear on the Home Page for a period of time allowing everyone to have a presence on the Home Page. We will also promote suppliers through social media and blogs. You can have up to 375 products displayed on your Boutique space with up to 15 images per product. We also have Drag and Drop which allows you to visual merchandise each Boutique page.
You can also Drag and Drop images to arrange the order of sequence on your product. Everyone will have their own identity and we will make it very easy for people to contact you directly. There will be links to your website and e-mail through your Boutique Space. You will not be hidden. In fact, we will go out of our way to promote you and your business. We will provide advice with photography and editing if needed. Additional support is also available to those who require it if needed. We will also be there for you if you need help and advice with uploading content to the site. The platform is extremely easy to use for both customers and suppliers. Our aim is to offer a distinctive hand-selected multi-vendor platform under one roof allowing our selected and vetted suppliers to showcase their Latest Finds from around the world.

How much does it cost?
Answer - We keep the subscription cost as low as possible as this platform has been put together by members of the antique and interior design trade. We spend the money generated on SEO work, advertising, marketing and improving the platform. To find out more and to see all the T&Cs, please email Alternatively use the online form

I forgot my password - what do I need to do?
Answer - click on the Supplier Log In located at the top of the Home Page and enter your email and then click Forgot Password. You will then be sent a link to create a new password to your email address.

Tips to listing your product
Answer - Be sure to fill in all the listing boxes on the uploading page as this helps with SEO. Google also recommends to use at least 150 characters in a description. We recommend having good quality images with close ups showing all the detail. You can load up to 15 images per product. It is very important to fill in the meta tag boxes with keywords related to your product. Example Antique, English, Walnut, Gillows, Bookcase, Cabinet, 1830 as this helps with the SEO.


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